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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Q1 : What products are produced by Aruki ?
A1 : We produce Urea-Formaldehyde Resin, High Solid Urea-Formaldehyde Resin, Melamine-Urea-Formaldehyde Resin, Formalin-Phenol Resin, Formalin(37-48%),Hardeners, fillers and catchers for resin, Vinyl Urethane Adhesive, Poly-Vinyl Acetate Adhesive, Uramin paper strengthening Resin, Poly-acrylamide (PAM) Resin.
Q2 : What are the applications of your products ?
A2 : 1.WOOD Industry

     a.Plywood & Block-board manufacturing,
     b.Particle Board & MDF Board manufacturing,
     c.Wood working,
     d.Furniture making,
     e.Flooring & Door making,
     f. Fancy & OVL
     g. FJLB

2.PAPER Industry

     a.Dry strength improvement,
     b.Wet strength improvement,
     c.Retention and Drainage improvement,
     d.Resin for secondary paper laminating.
Q3 : What are your brands ?
A3 : ARUKI markets products under the following brands Uloid, Struct Bond, Hofmann, Hopelon, Uramin.
Q4 : What is your product packaging ?
A4 : Our products are for industrial use and are delivered in various packages according to the needs of the customers. Adhesives/Resin can be in bulk (delivered by tank-lorries in 12,000 - 25,000 kgs), 1,200 kg IBC, 250 Kg Plastic or Steel DRUM, 5-20 Kg Can or plastic jerry can. Hardener/Filler/Catchers are packaged in 25 Kg Woven PP bags.
Q5 : Which market or area you can delivery?
A5 : Our products are marketed/delivered all over Indonesia. We also export to several countries in Asia and other continents.
Q6 : What is the normal delivery time?
A6 : Any where in Java our products are delivered within 2-7 Days from confirmed orders. For other parts of Indonesia and Export market we can deliver to Surabaya Port or Airport within 2-3 days from confirmed order.
Q7 : What facilities are provided by Aruki?
A7 : We provide storage tanks at customer’s site for certain type Resins. We also provide Glue mixer and spreader to Struct Bond Adhesive customers. (Terms applies).
Q8 : Do you provide Technical Services?
A8 : We provide most comprehensive technical services to our customers; from application of our products to testing and analysis of quality of customers’ products. Our Technical Service team is comprised of highly experienced professionals capable of providing practical and cost-effective solutions to meet the high expectations of international buyers both in terms of Quality and Cost. We provide both routine technical service as well as trouble shooting.


Technical FAQ

Q1 : What is the Quality Standard of ARUKI ?
A1 : Our Quality Management System (QMS) is well established and certified under ISO 9001-2015 (UKAS & KAN), ARUKI is also very committed to its environmental obligation. The manufacturing and distribution facility is certified under ISO 14001.
Q2 : Can the products produced by using ARUKI resin meet international standards ?
A2 : Yes. Our wood adhesives can enable users to produces ply wood/block-boards/particle boards/MDF etc., to meet the most stringent international standards with relation to Bonding Strength, Delamination, VOC(Formalin Emission) etc. These includes Japanese(JAS), EU(DIN) and US (CARB & ANSI) standards. We also have adhesives that can be used for making formalin free products.
Q3 : How do we know your products have gone through proper quality control ?
A3 : Every shipment of ARUKI is accompanied by a COA by its QA dept. to assure the customers about the proper and consistent quality of the product.
Q4 : How do we know our products meet customers required quality standards ?
A4 : On customers’ request, ARUKI can regularly or randomly test customers output at its well equipped LAB by qualified personnel and report the results which will enable the customers to meet and maintain quality requirements.