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ARUKI was established at Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia in December 18, 1975 as a joint venture company between Mitsui Chemical Inc.,(Mitsui Toatsu Chemical) and its Indonesian partner to produce and provide high quality thermosetting wood adhesives to the nascent plywood & woodworking industry of Indonesia.

Three decades on, ARUKI is proudly a member of well diversified and publicly listed AKR Corporindo Group (www.akr.co.id). This has given unique combination of strength of international cutting edge technology from Japan with unbeatable and well established local business network and relationship. Also, has ensured continuous supply of high quality products and technical services to all our customers. ARUKI’s philosophy is to Grow Organically by partnering with CUSTOMERS to provide total solution to their adhesive needs. We are well aware that yesterday’s achievement is no guarantee for tomorrow’s success. So, Continuous Innovation at work is way of life at ARUKI.

ARUKI is managed by multinational professional team combining unique experience, blending it with outstanding local talents to provide cutting-edge quality products and services to hundreds of customers across Indonesia and overseas. Our products (adhesives & paper resin) are at the heart of our customers products, plywood, particle boards, block boards, bare core boards, floor base, fancy plywood, engineered wood flooring, engineered wood doors, finger joint and laminated wood, paper and paper products. These products are used by millions all over the world. We are always with you, everywhere.

Customer centered Innovation and R & D activities have enabled us to have the largest portfolio of products of all the Adhesive companies. ARUKI is proud to supply most of the adhesives required for wood industry and paper industry. Its products comply to the most stringent bonding strength and VOC emission requirements. By implementing ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System and ISO 14001-2015 Environment Management System, ARUKI has ensured consistently high quality products and services and its commitments to environment friendly operation.

Total distribution system is totally owned and managed by ARUKI. Its products are delivered to every part of Indonesia and abroad. It owns a large fleet to ensure 100% reliable and timely supply.


Vision of ARUKI is to be the biggest adhesive manufacturer of Indonesia with best quality products and services. At ARUKI we give overriding priority to satisfying customer's needs. We always say "customers come first".

The Mission

♦ Prioritizing customers' satisfaction with ARUKI's products and services,
♦ Maintaining and improving quality of products and services continuously,
♦ All employees execute production process in good and safe manner,
♦ Continuous and sustainable growth,
♦ Establishing long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with all stakeholders.



PT. Arjuna Utama Kimia (ARUKI) as a formaldehyde and resin manufacturing company committed to improving customer satisfaction, prevent the occurrence of occupational accidents and occupational diseases, protecting the environment, and providing a healthy workplace and safe for workers and visitors to the implementation of continuous improvement programs through the Quality Management System, Safety, and Environment by :
♦ Complying with all regulatory and other requirements related to Quality, Safety and Environment, in accordance with the situation and conditions in the company.
♦ Determine goals and objectives of Quality, Safety, and Environment and review them periodically.
♦ Efforts to reduce energy consumption and natural resources.
♦ Provide periodic training to all employees to improve the implementation of Quality Management system, Safety, and Envinronment.
♦ Communicate this policy within the scope of the company and to its visitor, customer, suppliers, contractor and the community.
♦ Reviewing the Quality Management System, Safety, and Environment periodically to make sure everything is fixed in accordance with the condition of the company.

PT. ARUKI employs 200+ highly qualified personnel to run its plant. In tune with its corporate philosophy of giving paramount importance to customers' needs, more than 20% of manpower is engaged in giving direct customer services from various departments like, technical services (post sales services), QA, to ensure consistently high quality product supply, R&D services to continually improve application of ARUKI products at customers' end, Lab Testing services for customers products for monitoring consistent quality of customers products. At ARUKI innovation never stops.

ARUKI is synonymous with high quality wood adhesive. ARUKI has the widest range of adhesives to cater to varied needs of wood working industry for local as well as international markets. For more than three decades it sets standards for wood adhesives. In these three decades, ARUKI has constantly innovated and improved its products to remain relevant to the ever changing demands of regulators across the globe for wood products, mainly relating to VOC.

Poly-Acrylamide, a specialty resin with patented technology for Paper making helps to significantly improve dry strength of paper.

Industries Served

♦ Plywood
♦ Block Board
♦ Particle Board
♦ MDF Board
♦ Wood working
♦ Wood Furniture
♦ Paper Making